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Airtel vs Jio vs Vodafone vs BSNL vs Idea: Best 1 GB/day

1 GB


The Telecom battle is on, and each operator is trying its best to lure in more customers to its network by providing fantastic plans at irresistible prices. Even though Jio set the trend of delivering 1 GB daily data, now most of the companies have started giving similar plans. Though these plans are the same, there are some fundamental differences. And today here we are going to compare all the plans from the companies which offer 1 GB/day data. So without any delay, let’s get started-

1 GB

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A tabular form of all the 1 GB/day data plans Available-
Airtel1GB/ DayUnlimited Calling84 DaysRs. 399/-
Jio1GB/ DayUnlimited Calling70 DaysRs.399/-
Vodafone1GB/ DayUnlimited Calling28 DaysRs.392/-
BSNL1GB/ DayUnlimited Calling90 DaysRs. 429/-
Idea1GB/ DayUnlimited Calling28 DaysRs. 348/-

If 4G speed is your priority, then you can go for BSNL’s Rs.429/-, but it has network problems. Reliance Jio is truly  4G, but Airtel has a fast and dependable network. You cannot call one the best 4G network because depending on areas, some networks provide better performance than others. Still, recent TRAI reports say that Reliance Jio has been leading download speeds in India while Idea is leading in case of upload speeds.

If a cheap data plan is your priority, then you can go for Idea’s Rs.348/- plan. But this plan is only of 28 days validity, so the other 1 GB/day plans from the other operators seem more feasible for a customer.

No network operator can be named the best as all of them have their issues though these issues are regularly solved. So it is now upto you to choose which plan you need. And also which network suits best in your area.

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One more thing to know about is Airtel lets its postpaid customers carry on the remaining data to the next month. This move could significantly reduce data price for customers.

So that’s all we have to say regarding the Best 1 GB daily data Plans. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section. We will try to respond to you as soon as we can. If you liked our post, please like and share it. And subscribe to our site and put the notifications on if you want to receive any further future technological updates. Thank You!!


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