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Top 5 Best Strategy Games for Android 2017-2018

When it comes to games, Strategy games are very famous among the games. Most of the gamers prefer strategy games because it’s a fantastic way to test how creative you are. Strategy games are the oldest in human history. Whether its chess, board game, or some cards game, we have been playing strategy games long …

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Best Custom gaming PC under 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k


Best Custom Gaming PC under your Budgets We all gamers love playing video games and always keep on waiting for the next best upcoming Video game that is coming out. Many prefer consoles, and many prefer PCs. Consoles can play every game but with some compromises on the playing experience. Whereas Gaming PCs can provide …

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5 apps a teenage girl must have in their life.


Today technology is gaining its popularity amongst teenagers. In building personality, learning, smartphones, and the Internet play a significant role in a teenagers life. The Internet allows people to interact with new individuals via the social apps. But there should be some apps that every teenage girl should have on their phone for their security, …

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Top 5 4G VoLte Smartphones under Rs.5000

4G VoLte

Having a 4G VoLte smartphone nowadays has become a necessity for everyone to stay connected to the internet and each other considering the many fantastic offers the network companies are providing. But choosing a right 4G VoLte phone within a budget constraint is a painful process. But do not worry as we have made it …