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Farcry 5 Guns for Hire missions have a gift for the Players

Farcry 5
Farcry 5

The Game will soon be out on 27th February 2018. Being the fifth game in this insanely popular franchise, the developers have come up with a new way of keeping its players interested. Dan Hay, the Executive Producer and Creative Director of Far Cry 5 has recently hinted at what to expect from the game.

Farcry 5

The new “Guns for hire” feature allows you to get help from your AI controlled allies to get rid of Montana’s Doomsday cult, the Eden’s Gate. These are optional and are not necessary to complete the main story of the game. But Hay says that this game is his favourite because doing this results in something extraordinary.

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He says, “I don’t think I can choose between the games, but there’s a mission in Far Cry 5 that’s my favourite mission. I can’t tell you what it is; it’s not imperative to the story. It’s not something you have to do, but it’s a very charming moment that closes the loop of your involvement with guns for hire (your allies in Far Cry 5). This is an amusing moment that’s a gift to the player”.

He also adds, “You get to experience the end of a story or the beginning of a new one from a family. I can’t tell you anything more. There’s a charming moment, and that is my new favourite mission.”

Like the previous Farcry games, this one is also expected to let us continue playing even after the main story gets completed. It won’t be a surprise if this new gift from developers at Ubisoft ties in with the side missions.

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