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Google Files Go download: Google’s new storage manager:

Google Files Go

Google has recently launched a new and smart storage manager App for the Android users. Currently, a Beta version of the Google storage manager App is available for download at Playstore. The Google file manager App which is the Google Files Go helps users to manage the device activities and monitor the internal as well as external storage of the device. The App also free up the precious storage of your phone so that you can download new apps and enjoy using them. Now let’s talk about the Google Files Go App in details:Google Files Go

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What is the Google Files Go App?

Google Files go an App which monitors the space available on your device. The App tells users how much free storage they have followed by some tips on how to free up space. The App also clean up the unnecessary files on your device and thus helps the device to run smoothly without any lags. Google files go clear up the cache, free up the unnecessary large files, duplicate files, etc.

Along with the storage monitoring facility, Google has developed this app for transfer of files too. A user can send or receive any files with the help of Google Files Go. Moreover, users can transfer the files without the use of the internet or wifi. Google has not revealed the techniques they have used while transferring files with the Google Files Go. But reports say that the company has involved Bluetooth in this case, sort of like Apple’s Airdrop feature.

Important points on the Files Go App:

  • Clean up space on user’s phone and keeps it organized,
  • Recommend rarely-used apps to remove so your phone stays speedy,
  • Recognise and help you get rid of spam and duplicate images,
  • Help you find your important photos, videos, and documents faster,
  • Makes it easy to share files offline – quickly and securely.

NOTEThe App only requires 6 MB of your storage.

Download the new Files Go Google App, CLICK HERE!

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