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High Speed Quantum Encryption to stop hackers

High-speed Quantum Encryption

To counter security attacks, scientists have devised a way for prevention of security attacks. They have come up with a highspeed Quantum Encryption method to stop the hackers.

This system is on par with current internet speed and is five to ten times faster than existing methods. It distributes encryption codes at megabits per second rates.


During a study in the journal Science Advances, reports that this system is secure from common security attacks even in the face of equipment flaws.

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“We are now likely to have a functioning quantum computer that might be able to start breaking the existing cryptographic codes shortly,” said Daniel Gauthier, from The Ohio State University in the US.

He also said,”We need to be thinking hard now about different techniques that we could use for trying to secure the internet,”.

It is due to Encryption keys that the bank transactions, online purchases, medical records, etc. all look gibberish to hackers.

Messages sent over the internet are first broken down by these and recreated by the receivers.

This system works only when both sides have the same encryption keys.

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Quantum Key Distribution or QKD takes into account one of the first properties of Quantum Mechanics- measuring tiny bits of electrons or photons automatically changes their properties- to exchange keys in a way that both sides are alerted when there is a security breach.

Even though QKD got first theorized in 1984, its broad scale has started recently.

Problem with this method and its solution

The problem with this method was that they could transmit keys at relatively low rates somewhere between tens to hundreds of kbps which is very slow for practical use on the internet.

Earlier methods used a weakened LASER to encode information to individual photons. But now they have found out a way to put more details into each photon, making their technique faster.

By adjusting the photon release time and the phase, they could now pack two bits of instruction instead of one.

This method combined with high-speed detectors enables them to transmit keys five to ten times faster than any other systems.

“It was changing these additional properties of the photon that allowed us almost to double the secure key rate that we were able to obtain if we hadn’t done that,” said Gauthier.

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