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Hike Refer friends and earn upto Rs.10,000 in Bank account

Hike Refer and Earn.

Hi Readers!! Sorry for being a little late on this update. Now I have something to ask you all. Are you interested in earning Free money? Well, it sounds greedy but come on, all of us want to make money for free. Guess what; I am winning that on a popular Android application called Hike. And today I am here to tell you how to get free money upto Rs.10000.


So let’s get started!!

Steps to earn Free money upto Rs.10000 from Hike refer and make the offer.

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If Referral Banner Doesn’t show up.

1. Open Your Hike.

2. Go to Timeline. You will see your friends Inviting their friends and Are Getting Rewards.

4. You will see Get Reward Option on the Right side of Like Option. Click On that.

5. Now you will know that you can also Refer and Earn.

6. Soon follow steps and Get up to Rs.10000.

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1. You must have to refer new Friends.

2. You will get random Money depend on your luck.

3. You can earn Up to Rs 10000.

4. You can transfer Money To Your bank or You can pay the bill or can do recharge.

So that is all we have to say regarding Hike refer and earn upto Rs.10000. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section. We will try to respond to you as soon as we can. If you liked our post, please like and share it. And subscribe to our site and put the notifications on if you want to receive any further future technological update. Thank You!!!

Author: Dipjyoti Majumdar

I am a computer science student,a tech geek. Love understanding technology and spread the little things I get to know everyday.

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