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New iPhone X reviews lets us know much more about it

iPhone X

The iPhone X has been creating a sensation in the mobile market right now. With a new design and many exciting features like a bezel-less screen and a faceID option, it has become the best phone that is coming out this year. What I think is the phone does justice to the price it is coming in considering it is an Apple product. But there are a lot of questions still unanswered about this new device from Apple. So with the launch of the phone already done, let’s get into the review of the new iPhone X.

iPhone X

iPhone X Review

There are a lot of amazing things to talk about this phone like the high-resolution screen, the camera, the new gestures, etc. Let’s talk about each of them in details one by one-

The Animojis-

Yes. We are going to talk about the latest iMessage Animojis. When writing a text, you can choose one of these and record your audio and video. The phone will read your facial expressions and morph them onto the Animoji. Sounds very cool, doesn’t it? Apple’s iPhone X uses much-advanced technology for this such as facial recognition, advanced sensors, and camera, very powerful chips. All these drive graphics and machine learning. And this is only the start.

iPhone X

The Poo Animoji

iPhone X

The Screen-

iPhone X

Most phones have large screens, and these make the phones bulkier. But the iPhone X has a large display in a compact form factor. Though the device is slightly larger than the iPhone 8, its screen is almost same as the iPhone 8 plus. The display is eye satisfying with its Super Retina capabilities. Playing contents on it is just magnificent. It has vivid colors.


Having a full-screen display has consequences though. And one of them is some parts of the phone need to be facing the front. Apple has solved that issue by leaving a notch at the top of the screen that houses the camera lenses, sensors, microphone, etc. it might distract you at first while watching content, but eventually you will get quite used to it. Its an aesthetic setback as Tim Cook would call it.

The other setback is that it makes no room for the home button. Apple hates buttons though. The only problem is that we have to swipe up now to get to the home screen. A little trickier is the swipe and stop required to get the set of open apps and press the small cards that represent the apps. You have to evoke a minus sign on that card to close the app. At first, it might be little complicated, but till the time you get used to it, it will become a new trend for many phones to do the same. It’s not that bad, is it? Also, it won’t be called an upgrade if you don’t get new things to try on.

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The FaceID-

iPhone X

The touch ID is replaced with a facial recognition system on this phone. It scans your face and with the help of bionic chips and neural engine converts it to a digital password. It is very secured says Apple. The phone unlocks only when you make eye contact with it. No one would want their phone to open every time they look at it, would they? The Apple pay is also very secure as you have to double-click on the side button and then use FaceID to use it.

The Camera-

iPhone X

The iPhone X camera is also pretty sweet. It takes sharp pictures with excellent picture quality. The front-facing camera is also pretty good. It has true depth-sensing technology which enables us to take real life like pictures. It focuses faster, takes better low-light shots, etc. Augmented Reality is as amazing as it can get on this phone.

iOS 11-

iPhone X

Apparently, some improvements had to be made for the iPhone X’s OS. Now on the new iOS 11, a flick up from the base of the phone – in the same way as the Control Center of old – will get you home. It works well; you just have to get used to it. The control center is now at the top right.

The design-

iPhone X

It is the best looking phone of this year. Need I say more? The glass body looks very premium, and the edges aren’t sharp making it very comfortable to hold. It is very lightweight. It will be a little tricky to handle it at first due to the large display, but eventually, you get used to it.

The Battery-

Something everything smartphone user wants is innovation in the battery. Well good news for you, the iPhone X now lasts two hours longer. Fast charging with USB-C cable is also supported.

No one wants to keep plugging their phones to the switchboards now and then. And to solve this issue, Apple has finally decided to provide wireless charging pads to the iPhone users. Apple has brought a new product called the Airpower which lets you charge your Apple device on it wirelessly. And it supports most of Apple’s recent devices.

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The Processor-

Apple’s processor the A11 Bionic chip handles all the massive operations of the phone. On top of controlling the extra pixels on display, it also powers up the AR sensor which requires heavy management. It also handles all the general improvement in the performance and even the better graphics. All this heavy processing should put the battery on the heavy pressure, but the 10nm processor technology that Apple has developed makes the processor more efficient making it consume less power.

All the effort put by Apple on this phone seems very convincing. It looks like this is the most powerful phone in the world today. Even though Apple needs some improvements on it, the company has done quite the remarkable job on this. It is the futuristic phone we have all been waiting for from the company. So now the question is- Are you ready to pay the hefty amount for this phone?

So that’s all we have to say regarding the New iPhone X. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments section. We will try to respond to you as soon as we can. If you liked our post, please like and share it. And subscribe to our site and put the notifications on if you want to receive any further future technological update.


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