JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1: We have picked the best for you!

JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1

Welcome to the comparison section of In our previous article, we have compared two different Flagship smartphones from two different companies and brought you the best deal to buy(Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Vs Google Pixel 2). We have given our visitors a clear vision on the pros and cons of the two devices. Moreover, we have marked the differences which make one of the two devices better than the other. And this time we have come up with another comparison between two handsets. This time instead of two smartphones, we have chosen two 4G feature phones, JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1.

Though both of them are feature devices, they do support 4G VoLTE and comes with some good specifications. Reliance Jio launched the JioPhone in August 2017 while Micromax launched the Micromax Bharat 1 in October this year. Together with the JioPhone, Jio has launched some exciting Jio recharge plans which are valid only for that device. While Micromax partnered with telecom operator BSNL and together, they launched the Bharat 1 with BSNL recharge plan valid for that handset. Both the feature phones were proven to be tough competitors. Hence, let’s see the device of which state-owned company wins.JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1

JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1:(Comparison with detailed specifications)

SpecificationsJioPhoneMicromax Bharat 1
Screen-size2.40 inch2.40 inch
Resolution240 X 320 pixels240 X 320 pixels
RAM512 MB512 MB
StorageInternal- 4 GB
Expandable up to 128 GB
Internal- 4 GB
Processor 1.2 Ghz dual-core SPRD 9820A/QC8905Qualcomm Snapdragon
Rear Camera2 MP (No Flash)2.4 MP (No Flash)
Front Camera0.3 MP0.3 MP
Battery2000 mAh 2000 mAh
Network4G/LTE, 3G, GSM4G/LTE, 3G, GSM

Price of the JioPhone and the Bharat 1:

Reliance Jio has priced the JioPhone at Rs 1500. While Micromax together with BSNL has set a price of Rs 222o for the Micromax Bharat 1. Though JioPhone is tagged at Rs 1500, yet you can get it completely for free. Jio has come up with a policy where you can return the device to the company after three years and get your money back. However, the use and return policy of the company has got a long list of terms and conditions. Users have to make a minimum recharge of Rs 1500 per year on the JioPhone, and if they failed to do so, they have to hand over the device to the company.

Which one will be the best option to buy? (JioPhone Vs Micromax Bharat 1):

The Bharat 1 users will have to spend much lesser price than that of the JioPhone users. Both BSNL and Jio plan provides unlimited data, free voice calling, and unlimited SMS. But BSNL is providing all these benefits at Rs 97 per month while Jio charges Rs 153 per month for the same benefits. Hence, considering the recharge plans, buying the Bharat 1 will be a wise option here.

But the main disadvantage of buying the Bharat 1 is BSNL has not started its 4G LTE service in India. Users will get only 3G speed for the BSNL Rs 97 plan. Hence, though they buy the 4G Bharat 1 feature phone, they will be deprived of enjoying the 4G LTE speed. Contrary to this, JioPhone users will get the high-speed 4G VoLTE at Rs 153 per month. Moreover, there is no use and return policy on the Micromax Bharat 1 phone, unlike the JioPhone. Therefore, our recommendation is you should go for the JioPhone instead of the Micromax Bharat 1.



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