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Tesla Roadster: Unveiling of the fastest production car ever


Tesla Roadster:

Tesla has unveiled a new version of its original sports car, The Tesla Roadster. According to Elon Musk, this is the fastest production car ever made. The car reaches 60  from 0 within 1.9 seconds and 100 from 0 within 4.2 seconds and a quarter mile within 8.9 seconds. And this is just the base model.

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Its top speed is 250 mph. It has a 200kWh battery pack which allows it to run for 630 miles of highway driving range.Roadster

It has a two by two four-seater system. The Roadster will be available for sale from the year 2020. And its starting price will be 200,000$ per car. The first 1000 cars will be sold under the Founder’s series model name and will get priced 250,000$ per car. It has a very classic sports car design and is worth every penny.

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The crowd already amazed by seeing the new Tesla Roadster. During the event, the car run and it stopped at a point where on the other side were two new Tesla semi Trucks.

The Roadster might improve by the time it is out for sales, says Elon Musk. But the better news is Tesla was offering rides to anyone who would put a 50,000$ during the event for when it is available without knowing the full price. And guess what? Many did it.

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