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UC browser back with Updated Technical Guidelines

UC Browser Back on Playstore

UC browser was recently taken down by the company as the app did not follow the rules and guidelines of the Google Playstore. But yesterday as on 22nd November the app came back to the Playstore.

Updated Technical Settings

The app has now come back with “Updated Technical Settings” that abide by Playstore’s Policies. The app also completed its 500 millionth download recently.


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“Over the last five years we have been committed to providing flawless & secure browsing experience to our consumers in India, and with 100 million monthly active users, we are taking rapid strides forward. During the brief absence of UC Browser on Play Store, we continued to meticulously check our technical settings while also witnessing an uninterrupted passion of our users for the product, who looked upon the alternative version, UC Browser Mini, and made it to the top of ‘Free Apps’ category on the Play Store,” said Young Li, Head-International Business Department at Alibaba Mobile Business Group.

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Young added,”Over the last few quarters, UCWeb has moved from being just a mobile browser company to a content aggregation and distribution platform focused on news and entertainment content in India, through its platforms UC Browser and UC News. UCWeb envisions itself as powerful as Google and Facebook and aims to bring the global mobile internet to an era of ‘GUF’ (Google, UCWeb, and Facebook).”

About the UC browser app

The app has a user base of 45%, says the Statcounter. It comes second in top pre-installed apps on all android phones next to Google Chrome. It also got mentioned that India contributes the highest regarding mobile internet usage.

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